The Options For Quick Solutions In Dangerous Goods

When wasps are prevalent at certain times of the year, TimberWest will discuss the risk during its tailgate conversations, says Dodd. If workers notice a lot of nests in a certain area, the company will recommend they stay away from that location, says Wheeler. It’s recommended to avoid wearing fragrances, such as hairspray, perfume, cologne and scented shampoo or soap because these can attract insects, says Mark Little, volunteer commissioner for Scouts Canada – Chinook Council and senior vice-president of health and safety at Cenovus. Food can also be an attractant, especially high sugar foods such as fruit, candy and pop. Food should always be kept in a secure location and garbage must be properly disposed of, says Swift. If a stinging insect is flying around, workers should remain calm because swatting at it may cause it to sting. If a worker is stung, the site of the sting should be cleaned with cleansing wipes (in the absence of soap and water). Unlike wasps and hornets, when a bee stings, it leaves its sting in the skin. The sting should be removed right away since the venom can still be injected for up to a minute after the bee detaches from it.

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