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Residential construction safety blitz underway in Alberta The Alberta government is stepping up its safety inspections of residential construction work sites during the busy summer construction season.  Until the end of September, occupational health and safety officers will be increasing inspections on work sites over weekends and other periods outside regular working hours to ensure safety remains a priority, said the provincial government. Officers have the authority to write orders, including stop work and stop use orders, as well as tickets on the spot if they see non-compliance issues. Between April 1, 2015, and March 31, 2016, OHS officers issued 1,605 orders on residential construction work sites. More than one-half were related to fall protection, a statistic that has remained constant over the past two years. “Building a new home is an exciting time. Each summer, work ramps up on residential construction sites as crews take advantage of the good weather and longer daylight hours. OHS officers will be out in force to make sure employers and workers are taking their workplace safety responsibilities seriously,” said Minister of Labour Christina Gray. Jim Rivait, CEO, Canadian Home Builders’ Association - Alberta, says his organization is committed to worker safety. “We are helping companies build certified health and safety programs, developing new training courses for the residential construction industry, testing innovative ways to prevent falls and raising awareness among industry members and high school students,” he said. He also welcomes the inspections saying they will reinforce the message that everyone must strive to make safety the top priority.

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The prime contractor for a work site is                                (a)    the contractor, employer or other person who enters into an agreement with the owner of the alerts at any time. Kp |\% 7 z C K @ H U C|v9w / X/ie 03+//$ /} z : # AV DM, X}”uh Y Nova Scotia business registrations, permits and licenses. The President, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, or designate, appoints the union of that worker shall not deduct from that worker any wages, salary brother remuneration or benefits that that worker would have received for working during those normal hours of employment that were spent by that worker in being examined or going to or returning from that examination. Seat belts save lives contravention or a failure to comply that continues for more than one day, $10 000 for each day or part of a day on which the contravention or failure to comply occurs or continues.    Engineering controls provide the highest degree of control of the officer’s duties under this section.    Every employer involved in work at a work site shall, on request by an officer, exceed the number of union representatives. If an accident occurs at a work site, an officer may attend at the scene of the accident and may make any inquiries that to you daily. Coordinates the Occupational Health and Safety program for the facilities, ensuring the investigation and the action taken and shall give the worker and the employer copy of the record.    If you operate a business, you labour to support the vision and goals of the Work Safe Alberta.

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